8 liter mini fridge

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This unique mini fridge features a modern and compact design that makes it ideal for use in tight spaces. This refrigerator comes in an elegant white color that adds a touch of elegance to any place it is placed.

With its 8L capacity, this refrigerator allows you to store a small amount of beverages and small foods with ease. It operates at 60W, which makes it an energy efficient refrigerator that conserves electrical energy.

The refrigerator features the Rapid and Efficient Cooling technology, which allows drinks and foods to be cooled quickly and kept at the right temperature for a longer period. With its easy-to-use control interface, you can set the temperature and customize the settings as per your needs.

The refrigerator comes with adjustable internal shelves, which allow you to organize the internal space and arrange the items in a convenient manner. In addition, there are small grids that help organize items and prevent them from sliding around while moving.

It is an ideal choice for those who need a compact and practical refrigerator for use in offices, bedrooms, trips or even in the car. They combine excellent performance with stylish design, making them a great addition to any small space.