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1. **Battery-Free Design:** This booster comes with a design based on Supercapacitor technology, which means it does not require a traditional battery, eliminating the need for constant maintenance.

2. **Peak current up to 3000 amps:** Great power to ensure it can power large vehicles.

3. **No displacement limits:** It can operate large capacity engines, making it suitable for a variety of vehicles.

4. **Intelligent digital screen:** The digital screen displays information clearly and intelligently, making the operation process easier.

5. **Super capacitor technology:** Provides instant power and response without relying on traditional batteries.

6. **Explosion protection:** Design that ensures safety from any possible explosion.

7. **Burn protection:** It features technologies to protect the device from any burning problem.

8. **Swelling protection:** Techniques to protect the device from any unwanted swelling.

9. **Leather handle for easy carrying:** It comes with a comfortable leather handle to make it easy to carry and transport.

Overall, this improver seems to offer a powerful and innovative solution for starting cars without the need for a conventional battery, with an emphasis on safety and efficient performance.

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