CHEERPOD Mouse, touchpad and laser pointer

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CheerPod can be used as a full-function desktop mouse, touchpad and laser pointer on virtually any device. With support for the most frequently used hand gestures in both Desktop Mode and Air Mode, it's comfortable to use and easy to control. No matter whether you are working in the office, giving a presentation, or enjoying some entertainment on your sofa, CheerPod is the perfect productivity tool and control device for multi-device!

With CheerPod, meetings and presentations become more dynamic. Air Mode allows you to move around the room as you are present, advancing slides, opening apps, and switching between important documents. Its built-in laser pointer is great for getting to the point and CheerPod supports the most frequently used controls for presentations such as: zoom in/out, turn the page, scroll control, and more using simple gestures.

CheerPod is great for the office but it isn't all work and no play! It makes a super convenient remote control for TVs or phones and computers that are mirrored to the big screen. When it's time for entertainment, CheerPod keeps you fully in control without holding the device or keeping it within your reach.

For any wireless device, staying in sync is key. CheerPod has a super low latency of 7ms so it always responds with perfect accuracy and no lag. In a working range of 10m, you can control the device as you move freely around the room without any disconnection.

Nobody needs another bulky device to lug around. CheerPod is super slim at just 2.6 inches long and it's a 33g featherweight. It goes with you anywhere, seamlessly transitioning between home, work, cafe or travel. With 20+ days of working time on a single charge, you can rely on it anytime you need it.