Baseus Foldable Adhesive Phone Stand

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Installation Steps

1. Clean the back of the phone with the cleaning kit.
2. Tear off the adhesive release liner on the back of the bracket
3.Adjust the bracket to an appropriate height

A Thin Piece of Bracket

Easy to use, Free Your Hands

Free to adjust angles for different viewing angles

Wireless charging with the bracket

ABS and PC materials will not affect the phone's magnetic charging function

Notice: The bracket axle may affect wireless charging, please slide the bracket axle to avoid interference.

4mm Thickness

This thin and smooth bracket in integrated design occupies little space

Adjustable Angles for Live Stream

Place your phone with this bracket on the desk when streaming live to relieve tension in your neck.

Slide to adjust the height for different viewing angles

Easy to stick and non-marking

The light and portable bracket can support a phone firmly