ROCK 35W Universal Travel Fast Charger

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Enjoy a fast and efficient charging experience with the Power Charger. This charger is ideal for both home and travel use, thanks to its compact design and light weight.

It features the powerful 35W technology that delivers an output power of up to 35.5W, allowing you to charge your devices at super fast speeds. You can use the PD35 port to charge technology-enabled devices such as tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, and more.

Compact and practical design, perfect for everyday use and travel. Thanks to its compact dimensions and light weight, you can easily carry it in your bag or pocket.

It is also characterized by high quality workmanship, as it is manufactured from non-flammable materials, which provides safety and sustainability.

Enjoy an advanced and efficient charging experience with the Power Charger, which caters to all your device charging needs. Get exceptional speed and performance with this versatile charger that will add real value to your daily life.

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