Deluxe Gulf Dallah (Traveler's Dallah) with additional features

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“Dallah Al Khaleej (Traveller Dallah) with Additional Features” is a coffee dallah that contains a set of innovative features to provide the perfect coffee preparation experience. This dallah is specially designed for coffee lovers and travellers, as it provides ease of use, cleaning and carrying.

The bucket features a coffee and cardamom status notification function, so you can know when ingredients need to be added to prepare the perfect coffee. The pot also has an automatic shut-off when the preparation process is finished, which provides additional convenience and safety.

The Dallah also features a 2-hour heat retention feature, ensuring that your coffee stays warm and delicious long after preparation. This feature allows you to enjoy your coffee at any time without having to reheat.

The Dallah contains the following contents: a 400 ml Dallah, a coffee can, a cardamom can, a coffee measure and a tea measure, 4 coffee cups, and 3 tea cups. In addition, it comes with a travel bag to make it easy to carry while traveling.

Using the guide is easy and simple. Add water and connect the Dallah to electricity, then follow the instructions to add coffee and cardamom. With the touch of a button, the preparation process is complete and you can enjoy your fresh coffee. You can also use the start button to maintain the coffee temperature for two hours.

“Dallah Al Khaleej (Traveller Dallah) with additional features” is the ideal solution for coffee lovers who want to enjoy preparing fresh coffee anytime and anywhere. This bucket offers ease of use, cleaning and carrying, and guarantees you delicious and warm coffee for a long time.