Nihon 1.2L Deluxe Hotel Kettle Set with Serving Tray

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Nihon Deluxe Hotel Kettle Set is a high-quality set that includes a water kettle and a serving tray. The kettle features a stainless steel construction and plastic base, which ensures durability and excellent performance.

The kettle has a capacity of 1.2L, which allows you to boil a large amount of water at one time. The kettle comes with a serving tray for easy pouring and serving in a stylish and modern style.

The kettle has a 360-degree rotating base, which allows easy control and access to the kettle from any angle. It also has an on/off switch with a light indicator that shows the operating status.

Thanks to the auto-off function, the kettle automatically switches off when the water reaches a full boil, maintaining safety and preventing over-boiling.

The kettle operates with an electric power of 1500 Watts and operates on an electrical frequency ranging between 50 - 60 Hz. It operates on an electric voltage between 220 and 240 volts.