DSP double orange juicer with a power of 900 watts from

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Enjoy the experience of extracting fresh and refreshing juice with the 900-watt double orange juice machine. This machine is designed to provide outstanding performance and amazing results in extracting juice from oranges easily and effectively.

The machine features a dual technology that allows you to squeeze two oranges at the same time, which saves time and effort. Thanks to the machine's high power and innovative design, you can enjoy a cup of delicious juice in just a few minutes.

The machine is carefully designed to provide maximum performance and durability. Powered by a powerful 900W motor, it can handle tough challenges and juice oranges efficiently. It also features high-quality materials and durable finishes to ensure long-lasting use.

The machine provides more comfort and ease of use. It has an easy to use console with on/off buttons, and signal indicator lights. Thanks to these features, you can adjust the juicing according to your personal preferences and get juice just the way you like it.

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