Baseus anti-shake selfie stick

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Eight Reasons to Buy It

1、Professional Anti-shake Performance: Stable shooting for sports scenes
2、Smart Follow: Wherever you go, you are the spotlight.
3、Rotary and Foldable: Similar in size to a palm, easy-to-carry
4、One-key Vertical Shooting: 2 modes of shooting
5、Smart Beautifying: Always looking good no matter how to shoot
6、12 Hours of Battery Life: Sufficient charge for shooting a wonderful moment
7、Underslung Mode: Low-angle follow shot for more unique angle of view
8、Inception Mode: Rotate and change to create infinite possibilities

Concise Controls

Three-Axis Stabilization Anti-Shake for a More Beautiful Shot

A Three-Axis Motor + Metal Arms. Enhanced stability gimbal for a smooth recording and live streaming experience.

Smart Follow, Always Follow

Uses intelligent image recognition technology to follow target faces or objects.

One-Key Switch for Horizontal and Vertical Shooting

Automatically detects based on balance benchmarks and supports multi-angle shooting.
Horizontal shooting: Easy to shoot the landscape/group photos
Vertical shooting: more convenient to shoot on TikTok/for live streaming

Simple installation and use

58-92mm in width, easy to assemble/disassemble
Only 300g, small and light

Unlock more creative ways

Enjoy panorama/time lapse/low angle/inception mode and other creative modes

Now You Can Finally Fit Everyone in the Picture

Supports 180°/320°panoramic tracking - take in all the views.

Dolly Zoom delivers cinematic quality

Zoom in/out to create a strong visual impact.

12 Hour Battery Life Record Worry Free

4500mAh battery capacity.

Smart Controls Through Mobile App

Enjoy shooting moments by using multiple intelligent functions expanded through the APP.
Notince: Baseus Control APP supports Apple 10.0 or above and Android 6.0 or above.

Concise Controls Designed from Entry Level to Prosumer

Includes free Type-C charging cable.

More Application Scenarios, Record life anywhere anytime.

Sports follow
Online streaming
Outdoor activities
Party photos
pet photos