Multi-port charging base with 15W wireless charging from BRAVE

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• 3 in 1 Power Extension - This power charging station consists of Extension Cord + 20W USB-C Fast Charger + 15W Wireless Charger + 2 USB-A + Cable Management Box, eliminates the need for purchasing separate products, it all in one solution to makeyour

• 15W Wireless Charger - 15W Wireless Charger is attached to the led cover of the box and connected to the power extension and can be detached if required, just place your mobile over the cover and it will start charging immediately.

• 5 Universal Outlets + 3 USB ports - Brave Power Extension has 5 universal outlets suit for UK EU and US power adapters, 20 USB-C Fast Charging port and 2 smart USB-A ports eliminates the need for multiple chargers, saves money & desktop space for you

• Ultimate Solution for Messy Cords - Get rid of the power strip and cable clutter to present a tidy and sleek look with our easy-to-use, product which is perfect for TVs and computers. No more messy cables hanging around your TV unit or desktop, they

• Creative Design - Openings around the box provides ventilation to help dissipate heat, durable and solid build uses exceptional fire-redundant PC material, compact and space-saving size, hidden power button on the side, and invisible buckle-ports