4G solar powered dual security camera

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The solar surveillance camera offers a unique and effective experience in monitoring and securing important areas and outdoor surroundings. This camera is an innovative solar powered solution, making it ideal for places where there is no electricity or wired connections.

Instead of relying on traditional power sources, the battery-powered dual camera is solar powered, meaning it uses sunlight to generate the energy needed to operate. This provides an environmentally friendly solution with a low operating cost, as well as no need for complex electrical connections.

This camera also features a 360-degree viewing angle, motion tracker, and night vision

The camera features a high resolution of 8MP, ensuring clear and sharp images are recorded in all conditions. In addition, it features an adjustable viewing angle and zoom (PTZ) design, giving you superior ability to observe the specific area and analyze details precisely.

Wireless communication is one of the advantages of this camera, as it enables you to monitor the area remotely and easily via the Internet. You can easily access your photos and videos via a mobile app or web interface, giving you peace of mind and reassurance even when you're away

the site.

With the dual link feature, you can also rely on the built-in battery to power the camera when the sun is not sufficiently available. This provides you with continuous operating stability and long battery life.

In short, a solar security camera offers exceptional features such as sustainable solar power, wireless connectivity, and high-resolution imaging. This camera meets modern security surveillance needs efficiently and reliably, increasing users' confidence and effectively boosting its sales.


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