ESCAM G14 Rechargeable 1080P Full HD AI Recognition Infrared Night Vision WiFi Camera Battery Powered Security Camera

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1. Easy to install, easy to use, with brackets, no need for cables
2. 200W high-definition pixels (1920 x 1080), clear picture quality
3. Standard H.265 video compression algorithm, which can transmit high-definition video in a narrow bandwidth network
4. Support humanoid detection, electronic fence, smart push, pet capture
5. Support two-way voice intercom, echo cancellation, noise suppression
6. Intelligent night vision: 1 white light, 8 infrared lights for night vision lighting (night vision distance up to 10 meters)
7. Built-in 5200mAh rechargeable lithium battery, long battery life
8.Support 2.4G Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b/g/n)
9. Support cloud storage technology, support 128GB TF card (not included)
10. IP65 waterproof rating
Product Specifications:
1.APP name: All Orange Housekeeping
2. Image sensor: 1/3 inch color 2MP CMOS sensor
3.Lens: 2.8mm
4. Horizontal viewing angle: 95 degrees; Vertical viewing angle: 55 degrees; Diagonal viewing angle: 110 degrees
5. Illumination (min): 0.01Lux
6. Audio compression: AAC
7. Lighting frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
8. Image frame rate: 15fps
9. Image resolution: 1920 x 1080P
10. IP Address: Dynamic IP Address
11. Alarm mode: mobile phone APP alarm push, white light flashing, alarm sound
12. Wake-up method: PIR human body induction wake-up, remote positive wake-up
13. Recording method: alarm trigger recording and manual recording
14. Standby time: 1 year
15. Charging voltage: DV 5V
16. Charging time: within 8 hours
19. Standby power consumption: 2.4mW (3.8V 0.63mA); daytime work power consumption: 1W (3.8V 264mA); night work power consumption: 2.17W (3.8V 571mA)
20. Interface: a Micro USB power interface, a Micro SD card slot
21. Buttons: a reset button and an on/off button
22.Installation method: magnet and 1/4 universal screw hole
23. Working environment: -10-45 degrees Celsius
24. Storage environment: -20-60 degrees Celsius
25. Product size: 58 x 67 x 89 mm (without bracket)
26. Bare metal weight: 220g (without bracket)
packing list:
Camera x 1
Bracket x 1
USB cable x 1
Screw Pack x 1
Manual x 1
Model G14
Mount Types Wall bracket
Performance Motion detection, night vision, two-way voice intercom, alarm function
Memory up to 128GB (not included)
interface SD card slot, Micro USB
Function Cloud storage
View Angle 110 degrees
Image Sensor CMOS
Sensor Size 1/3 inch Progressive Scan
Effective Pixel 1920(H)×1080(V)
Pixels 2.0MP
Lens 2.8mm
Pan/Tilt-Horizontal Angle 95 degrees
Pan/Tilt-Vertical Angle 55 degrees
Minimum Illumination 0.01Lux
Media Format
Video Compression Format H.265
Audio Compression Format AAC
Frame Rate (FPS) 15fps
Resolution 1080P(1920*1080)
Infrared distance 10m
Configuration 8 infrared LEDs
Physical Environment
Ingress Protection IP65
Capacity 5200mAh
charging time within 8 hours
Stand by time 1 year
Size 58 x 67 x 89 mm (without bracket)
Weight 220g (without bracket)
Package include
Package Contents 1 x Camera
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 set of screws
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.45kgs / 1.00lb
Qty per Carton 45
Carton weight 21.20kgs / 46.74lb
Cartoon Size 53cm * 47cm * 41cm / 20.87inch * 18.5inch * 16.14inch
Loading Container 20GP: 261 cartons * 45 pcs = 11745 pcs
40HQ: 606 cartons * 45 pcs = 27270 pcs