X.One® Ultra Pro 100W Cable [PD support + QC3.0] (Type-C to Type-C)

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Ultra Pro Cable Features

5A Type-C to Type C Cable. Increases charging speed by 50%.

Built-in E-marker chip. Intelligent chip built in to protect your phone from overcharging.

Reversible design. The reversible cable that ends your frustration. Easy plug-in without worrying

about the wrong direction.

Duraflexible Connector. 60x stronger to withstand more bending. No more broken cable frustrations.

Evolved durability. Premium braided nylon fiber cable to withstand any twist, tug and tangle up to 30,000 times.

Charger + Data Transfer in one cable. Charging and data transmission can be done at the same time.

1 meter long. Perfect to carry while on the move and also at home or office.