SKG F7 Massage Gun with multi-head heat and cold function

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SKG heat compress fascia gun F7
New generation, stronger and more comfortable
Stronger performance | larger area of ​​heat
compress | compactandportable
SKG global ambassador: Wang Yibo
Item Description:
Four new upgrades of F7
Upgrade 10mm stroke
Upgrade 5 levels of frequency conversion
Upgrade larger area heat compress
Upgrade stepless roller shift

Future aesthetics of science and technology, good-looking and powerful
The exterior design is as streamlined as a sports car, with flowing light, showing the simplest aesthetics of science and technology.

10mm professional stroke*, relax deep muscles
10mm professional high-frequency amplitude, kinetic energy can directly reach deep muscle groups.

Stroke (amplitude) is the key index to measure the professionalism of the fascia gun. 10mm is a comfortable stroke suitable for deep massage and more usage scenarios.
New micro power system, small size but strong performance
The high-performance components, precisely stacked in the palm-sized fuselage, are the main power of the Mini fascia gun, with a maximum speed of 3200r/min, to quickly break down tightness and soreness.
350g lightweight body
15.9cm approx. palm size
3200 rpm strong magnetic brushless motor

Compact and lightweight, Your accompanying pocket masseur
≈350g lightweight body, palm-sized, can be carried with you during travel and business trip, allowing you to message and relax anytime, anywhere.

Upgrade 5 levels of transmission, break down tightness and soreness in 3s
600-3200r/min long-span speed shift, combining hardness and softness, easy to deal with various scenes, relax muscles and awaken vitality
Level 1: 600r/min Muscle arousal
Level 2: 1200 r/min myofascial release
Level 3: 1800 r/min daily relaxation
Level 4: 2400 r/min Dissipate lactic acid
Level 5: 3200 r/min deep massage
Level 1-2 applicable population: vulnerable population
Level 2-3 applicable population: people with low tolerance, daily home crowd, office crowd, or those in the recovery period
Level 4-5 applies to groups: people with high tolerance, such as sports and fitness enthusiasts

Heat compress and then massage, more scientific massage
For sensitive and vulnerable parts such as the shoulder, neck and waist, it is recommended to apply a heat compress first and then massage
It is helpful for metabolism, quickly relieves stiff muscles, avoids injury, and is more efficient and comfortable
3-second heating
2200mm⊃2; Larger area of ​​heat compress
3 Heating Levels: 42℃, 48℃, 53℃

The crankshaft is balanced and driven in place, concentrated strength and efficient massage
The transmission rod has accurate guidance and even force so that the high-frequency vibration is always maintained on a vertical straight line without mistakes.

Four massage heads
According to the muscle tolerance characteristics of different parts of the body, it provides matching professional massage heads
Bobo massage head
Hardness and softness: ⭐⭐⭐
impact force: ⭐⭐⭐
Application: Hammer massage, relax the muscles of the whole body
Hollow massage head
Hardness and softness: ⭐⭐
impact force: ⭐⭐
Application: Pat massage, suitable for back, hip, and other massive muscles
Finger massage head
Hardness and softness: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
impact force: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Application: massage the acupoints between the fingers to deeply relax the small muscles
Chinese Tuina massage head
Hardness and softness: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
impact force: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Application: push and knead massage, suitable for linear muscles such as arms and legs

Stepless roller, one-handed gearshift, Wisdom lantern Intimate interaction
By gently turning the roller with the thumb, you can change the level while massaging with one hand. Along with continuous comfort, a clear screen display with a mobile super running light belt will give real-time feedback on the strength of the mode
Hidden screen display
Colorful interactive light belt
Stepless roller control

Quadruple noise reduction, enjoy a quiet time
Brushless motor
4-point suspension damping
Damping material
Frequency conversion noise reduction

Available for 23 days on one charge
1800mAh high-capacity battery. Once charged, it can massage for 23 days and only takes 25 hours on a charge

Model: F7-E
Color: Meteorite grey
Battery capacity: 1800mA
Net weight: 350g
Gross weight: 770 g
Rated power: 9W
Rated voltage: 5V
Charging interface: Type-C
SKG Relieve The Pain, Relax Your Life