Kemei KM-1838 Professional Body Hair Trimmer

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This hair clipper is specifically designed for grooming below the waist but also works great on other areas of the body. With a skin-safe replacement blade, you can have multiple blades ready for all areas of the body that have hair. Feel confident, comfortable and healthy with an all-in-one beauty experience.

Features and benefits of scissors

- Cordless and Water Resistant: Works in or out of the shower for convenience, and can be washed under running water for easy cleaning.
It can be quickly charged using a USB charging station for maximum convenience.
Comes with an adjustable guard for different hair lengths.
- Fits both men and women.
Power type: rechargeable.
Operating voltage: 100-240 volts.
Charging time: 1 hour and a half.
Use time: 90 minutes.
Operating power: 5 watts.
- Model Number: KM-1838.
- Very powerful motor.
- black color.
- Material: ABS.
- Battery: 600 mAh.

Package Included:

- 1 x Hair Scissor
- 1 x Charger Cable.
- 1 x cleaning brush
- Manual 1 x.
- 1 x Standing Cargo Platform.

Enjoy a comfortable and practical grooming experience with these powerful and versatile scissors.