Multifunctional portable air blower

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Wide Applications

Multi-purpose for car tire, bike tire, basketball, air mattress & other inflatables.

Equipped with bicycle adapter

Automobile tires are generally American-style valves, which can be used directly.

British valve--You need to add the conversion head.

French valve--You need to add the conversion head.

Accurate pressure measurement

Connect the air nozzle, automatically detect the tire pressure, accurately and without error, and automatically stop when it is full.

In an emergency, it can also be used as a sos lamp.

Cooling holes on both sides

Not hot when inflated, more stable operation

Protective Layer of Warm Insulation

When the air pump is running, the connection hose heats up. In order to avoid unintentional injuries. we have increased the insulation protection.

Sleep Mode

Green when the battery is full

Red when the battery is low

60 seconds without automatic shutdown

Easy to use 3 steps

1.Power on

2. Preset pressure

3. Start inflation