Baseus 45W Dual Metal Fast Charging Car Charger

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The Baseus 45W Dual Car Charger is an excellent solution for quickly and efficiently charging your devices while on the go. This charger features a rugged and modern design with high-quality metal materials, which gives it the sturdiness and durability needed for daily use in the car.

The charger has dual ports, which allow you to charge two devices simultaneously at lightning speed. It supports fast charging technologies, which means that you can charge your devices quickly and efficiently without taking a long time.

No matter which iPhone you're using, the Baseus car charger can provide a fast charge for it. You can count on this charger to fully charge your device quickly and ensure that it stays charged throughout your travels in the car.

Thanks to its small and compact design, you can easily insert the Baseus Car Charger into your car's cigarette lighter socket. In addition, the charger features an intelligent system that prevents overcurrent, overcurrent and overheating, providing comprehensive protection for your devices.

Get the 45W Baseus Car Charger today and enjoy fast and safe charging of your devices during your car trips.