deerma qj100 three-piece cleaning kit includes a variety of tools for home cleaning

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Deerma QJ100 Three-Piece Household Set Cleaning Kit is a three-piece cleaning kit that includes a variety of household cleaning tools. The kit consists of a broom, a sponge mop and a glass squeegee.

1. Broom: It comes with a broom and a stick to clean floors and remove dirt, hair and dust. It has strong and durable bristles to collect dirt effectively.

2. Sponge Mop: It is used to clean and dry wet floors, such as tiles and wood. Features an absorbent sponge that quickly dries floors leaving them clean and dry.

3. Glass Squeegee: It is used to clean windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. It comes with a flexible blade that easily removes water and dirt residue, leaving the glass clear and clean.

The Deerma QJ100 Three-Piece Household Set Cleaning Kit is designed to meet different home cleaning needs. It features high quality, ergonomic and practical design. It is an ideal solution for cleaning floors, windows and glass surfaces in your home.

Brand: Deerma
Product Name: Delmar DEM-QJ100
Overall product weight: 2.12 lbs
Suction: ≤100AW
Run time: less than 45 minutes
Suitable environment: the floor
Vacuum cleaner: 15Pa
Packing size (mm): 120 * 30 * 496
Rated voltage: 220 volts
Dust storage type: dust cup
Rated power: 450 watts
Product weight: 1.2 kg
Dust collection capacity: 0.2 liters