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**Magsafe Compatibility:**
- Designed with Magsafe technology to ensure a safe and effective magnetic connection with your iPhone.
**Wallet function:**
- Functions as a wallet, allowing you to easily store cards and essentials on the back of your MagSafe-enabled iPhone.
**Telephone base:**
-It also works as a phone stand, providing a comfortable and adjustable angle for hands-free use.
**Strong magnetic mounting:**
- Features a strong magnetic mount to ensure the wallet and phone base stay securely attached.
**Slim and light design:**
- Slim and lightweight design reduces the additional bulk of the phone while at the same time providing practical functionality.
**Premium materials:**
- Made of high quality materials to ensure durability and upscale appearance.
**Easy installation:**
- Easy and simple to install, allowing you to install and detach the wallet and phone base easily.
**Variety of use:**
- Perfect for everyday use, travel, or in situations where you need quick access to your cards and a convenient phone base.
**With the Lysine Wallet and Phone Base and MagSafe technology, you get a versatile accessory that combines the functionality of a wallet with the convenience of a phone base, all with a strong, reliable MagSafe connection.**

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