Smart Hygiene Mop: Self-wringing and effortless multi-use cleaning

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The mini portable mop is equipped with a plunger that can easily expel dirty water without the need for additional tools, helping you dry the mop head quickly without leaving water marks. This method keeps your hands clean while cleaning.

The self-wringing mop is suitable for cleaning all types of kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and all glass surfaces. No need to use other tools such as a bucket, the mop is equipped with a plunger that washes and dries at the same time.

Wet and Dry Sponge Mop is characterized by its light weight and small size. The mop head can rotate 180 degrees, and the small mop head storage size is perfect for narrow spaces. Beds, under sofas and narrow areas are easy to clean. You can place it anywhere in your home.

Thanks to the quick wring, you can fold the mop in half at 180° and wring it vigorously, then pull and wring with one hand to absorb water quickly and thoroughly, removing water stains with ease. The cotton head is lightweight and easy to use with the nano cotton head, thorough cleaning without burden.

As for storage, the lazy mop can be stored vertically, which reduces the need for space and speeds up the drying of the sponge head. There is a hanging hole at the top of the handle, you can hang it up after use.