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16 patterns for colors and 4 corners for display

Thanks to Availability of 16 patterns for colors, You could to choose the color that wish in susceptible according your mood . maybe Adjust device bidder planets from 4 corners different Thanks to design faces the four in rule . You could to choose employment the offer on Roof or walls or trends other .

bidder stars silent Extremely

He provides bidder stars silent Extremely ambiance comfortable and soothing in room sleep, where maybe for your child that Sleeps in Hello and for you and your partner Enjoy In moments romantic together . that it ideal as a lamp Layla For children And adults Whose They are looking on impact Comfortable .

an offer a light amazing and colorful

Thanks to three levels Speed and three levels brightness, You could to choose effects laser and valve by device control on after, where Creates a light the night Heavenly thousands stars with or without formations cloud, I listen with width a light Wonderful .

bidder heavenly for the stars with 360 degree rotation

space Width : 15-20 meters Square

Length Wire Power : 1.5 meters

Length Wave Light : 523 nanometers

power LED : 5 watts

material Cover : ABS material

consumption Energy : less from 10 watts

space Width : 550 feet

the environment Occasion : indoors the home, The stage home, restaurant, bar, The coffee shop

existing Package :

a lamp Layla for the sky asterisk * 1

device control on after for a lamp stars * 1

adapter for a lamp night * 1

guide the user for a device bidder the room asterisk * 1

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