SwitchBot Thermometer and Hygrometer Wireless temperature and humidity sensor for smart home

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Track temperature and humidity in a simple and clear way.

SwitchBot Meter helps you keep an eye on your home living conditions, with a large digital display, accurate sensor, and the ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit... it's perfect for any household.

Made to be accurate.

Our Meter includes a Swiss-made sensor component that is able to provide you with accurate room temperature and humidity measurements that you can trust.

A whole lotta coverage.

You'll be able to check data via our app no ​​matter where you are at home thanks to a huge Bluetooth range of up to 120m (394ft). Please note: walls or obstructions may affect your Bluetooth signal.

Get alerts via our app.

With our SwitchBot app, you'll be able to get push alerts locally at home when using Bluetooth, or even remotely if you pair your SwitchBot Meter with a SwitchBot Hub Mini.* *Android users will require a SwitchBot Hub for push alert functionality.

Enables you to store and export data.

You can keep up to 5 weeks of natural data stored locally. With the option of unlimited data storage via the cloud when used with a SwitchBot Hub. You can even export your data to CSV format for an even more in-depth look into yours.

Both secure and private.

Location permissions give you more control over your privacy when using iOS devices, this means that Bluetooth alerts are now more secure than ever. SwitchBot also never tracks any of your location information, nor do we share this with any kind of third-party entity whatsoever.

Helps monitor a ton of differentenvironments.