Smart Ashtray with 3D Air Purifier 360 Degree Rotation

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Enjoy a healthy and pure environment with the smart ashtray from Xiaomi. This device is designed to improve room air quality and eliminate smoke odors and pollution caused by smoking.

360° Multidimensional Design: This air purifier features a unique 3D design that surrounds smoke from all sides, ensuring a comprehensive purification of the air around you. Thanks to this design, odors are effectively eliminated and air quality is improved.

- Negative ion filter: The extinguisher features negative ion technology that helps purify the air from pollutants and harmful odors. Negative ions attract and collect negative impurities and odors, which helps improve air quality and transform the surrounding environment into a healthier and more comfortable place.

- Smart and practical extinguisher: This ashtray works with smart technology that allows it to detect smoke and automatically operate the purification system. It is powered by a USB port and can be connected to multiple devices such as a power adapter or laptop. In addition, the operating mode can be manually set according to your personal needs.