COLOP E-MARK The Electronic Colour Mobile Stamp Printer - طابعة الوان محمولة

AED. 1,099.00

الكود : C1
الحالة : متوفر متوفر غير متوفر

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What is Colop e-mark?

The Colop e-mark is an electronic mobile marking device to create and change own imprints by using an App on a mobile device or PC and print them by an easy sideways movement in full colour. The software allows you to create any kind of imprint, including logos, texts, pictures, date, time, numbers and much more. With only few clicks in the App, an imprint is sent to the e-mark, which is ready to be used immediately.

Compact and mobile

Colop e-mark is easy to use on the go without connection to the grid due to its inbuilt battery. The Colop e-mark can be used wherever needed – be it in the office, the garden or on your next business trip. It can be used as flexibly as your lifestyle requires.

Changing imprints flexibly

Compared to normal stamps, with Colop e-mark you can change imprints easily and effortlessly with the free of charge e-mark App.

Creating individual imprints easily

Use your own images and texts for creating imprints with the editor in the Colop e-mark App.

Marking different surfaces

Directly applicable on all absorbent plane surfaces and on the tailor-made Colop e-mark label sheets that stick on allmost all different materials.

Ready-to-use imprint templates

Choose an imprint out of a comprehensive set of predefined templates for immediate marking.

Multicolour imprints

The multicolour Colop e-mark cartridge allows to make imprints of your logos, images and predefined templates in full-colour.

Offline mode

Store up to four imprints instantly to use them without connection to the Colop e-mark App.

Special functions customised for office applications

The Colop e-mark App contains an automatic time, date and numbering functions on demand to facilitate daily office life.

QR- and barcode generator

Easily create QR- or barcodes in the Colop e-mark App for immediate use.

Long imprints and continual marking

In contrast to normal stamps, Colop e-mark single imprints can be up to 150mm long and a continual marking function offers even longer markings.

Colop e-mark features:

Multicolour imprints (add logos and images to imprints)

Battery-powered for highest mobility and flexibility

Storing up to 4 imprints permanently on the Colop e-mark

Applicable on all absorbent surfaces

Sophisticated App for unlimited imprint designs

Automatic date, time and numbering function

QR-code and barcode generator

Extensive range of ready-to-use stamp-imprints

Create own and personalised imprints

Modern and ergonomic design

“Plug and play”

Product information:

• Device colour - Black

• Dimensions of the device (L x W x H):111.2 x 76.5 x 72.7 mm

• Weight of master case (12 pieces) - 6.500 g

• Print technology - Inkjet

• Ink cartridge - Tri-colour (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

• Max. size of imprint (L x W) - 14.5 x 150 mm

• Print quality - 600 dpi

• Battery - 11.1 V Li-Ion with min. 600 mAh (3 cells, each 3.7 V)

Wifi-connection - The Colop e-mark digital stamp connects with your mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) through an own generated WIFI-network. Imprints are transferred fast and it can be marked immediately.

Markings for exact positioning - Markings on the side of the Colop e-mark ensure a reliable positioning on your documents by the help of advanced sensor technology. A notch in the middle of the marking shows the center line of the imprint. It works perfectly with COLOP e-mark labels.

Transparent window - A transparent window in the front provides a better view of the imprint during marking.

Light pipe - Rotating LEDs around the e-mark indicate the current state and connectivity to your mobile device

Tricolour ink-cartridge - Easily replaceable and long-lasting cartridge for high-quality full-colour imprints.

Printhead - The printhead is integrated in the cartridge and visible on the bottom side of the e-mark.

Battery - The inbuilt fast-charging Li-Po battery (11.1 V) allows using the e-mark for several hours (4.5 hours continuous marking) without connection to the grid. It is charged within 2.75 hours (0 - 100 %).

Docking station - Base station for quick charging and protection against drying out of the printhead.

Protecting cap - Is integrated in the docking station and protects the printhead optimally against drying-out. The Colop e-mark should always be put in the docking station with its integrated protecting cap.

Sliding wheels - Move Colop e-mark gently from left to right or the other way round for making an imprint, supported by sliding wheels.

Sensor - An optical sensor provides speed control for best and reliable imprint results.

USB-interface - Connect the Colop e-mark with your computer via a Micro-USB cable. Note that charging is only done with the power plug.

ON/OFF switch - Switch on the Colop e-mark through an opening on the docking station to avoid drying-out of the printhead.

Contacts - 4 contact pins provide a connection between the e-mark and docking station for charging.

Protective cover - Can be opened easily to change a cartridge via a small notch on the bottom of the cover