Apexel Mobile Super 60X Telephoto Lens

AED. 395.00

الكود : A889
الحالة : متوفر متوفر غير متوفر

1- CONSIDERATE DESIGN WITH STURDY TRIPOD: This cell phone telephoto lens also comes with a balanced tripod and the tripod can be a selfie stick and extendable(Max 1.2m).

2- FMC is fully multi-coated, manufactured with advanced Optical Glass for HD images, shoot clear images without a dark circle around the corner.

3- Fit for 98% of mobile phone like iPhone/Samsung/iPad/HTC/ZTE/Xiaomi/Moto/Blackberry/Nokia….etc(also for iphone 12 Series)

4- The lens kit is perfect for everyone, from your friends to your parents. It fits in your pocket and is easy to install, carry and store, taking photos for parties, music festivals, camping, hiking, traveling, bird watching, moon, etc., and keeping all your delightful memories.

5- An intimate design of a sturdy tripod: The telephoto lens of this phone is also equipped with a balanced tripod, which can be a selfie stick. After installing the lens, we can put the phone on a sturdy and adjustable tripod. We have 3 sets for you to choose from.

6- The 60X telephoto lens can also work as a monocular.

HD 60x Telephoto Smartphone Lens

Novel optical path, far view, can through a large amount of light. High resolution, good color rendition effect.

Allows you to capture the scenery far away clearly, also can work as a monocular telescope giving you every opportunity to see the wonders of the world from a distance.

The 60X telephoto lens can also work as a monocular.

As a monocular, the 60X telephoto lens is equipped with a special eye mask.

And can be used with mobile phones and brackets for photo and video shooting.

You can apply it to any kind of outdoor and indoor activities, such as camping, travel, concert, etc.

Full metal body

Made of high-quality advanced glass and shell, durable and portable, universal detachable clip design, clamp into your phone steady.

Effect image

With 60X magnification, compact design, high resolution, and no vignetting,

our telescope provides you with extremely comfortable view enjoyment and easy carrying wherever you go.

Applicable to watch the game and concert, traveling, animal observing, journalists, geological exploration, forestry management, etc.