LISEN Fits MagSafe Car Mount for iPhone Strong Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Vent Dashboard

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LISEN Fits MagSafe Car Mount for iPhone Strong Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Vent Dashboard


1. Dashboard Car Phone Mount Mode:

Solved Non-stick Problem Real 3M Dashboard Car Phone Mount Mode. Nice mounting with variable viewing angle, stylish without taking up space in the car, can be adjusted to fit in any twisty corner of the plastic dashboard, easily finding everyone's favorite installation viewing angle Unfettered


2. Vent Car Mount for iPhone Fits MagSafe iPhone 12 13 iPhone 14 Pro Max Mini Plus car mount for car vents mode: easy to install & remove rent car in vents

Steel hook material, permanent use, instead of breaking problems like plastic hooks, to be replaced frequently. 1 steel hook is more durable than 10 plastic hooks

Longer hook telescopic size, wider air vents pages can also be hooked up, upgrading even more car brand and model compatible

Hook design, 99% of vents owners will choose this design, 100,000+ American families gave a stable affirmation

What if the base doesn't stick?

We can ensure the stability of the base if you follow the correct steps. Adhesive pads used correctly:

Don't touch the adhesive pad with fingers
Surface of the plastic or wooden dashboard must be cleaned first, dashboard has to wait for it to dry before sticking it, don't sticky when wet. Dashboard curved & flat plastic surfaces also can be pasted, more stable than other
Please note: Leather, waxed smooth surface, cloth material is not suitable for sticking to the base
If there is no plastic or wood installation surface in the dashboard, you can choose the vents installation method. In addition, the installation mode of the air vent metal hook clip can also be suitable for displace cars or renting a car, metal hook clip can meet permanent use
Place the base at installation position and press for 5s, must wait for after 24 hours before use car cell phone holder for iphone
How to make your device more stable?

This product Magnetic Cell Phone holder car fits Magsafe phone mount is suitable for use with the iPhone 14/ 13 / 12 series without a case or with a Magsafe iPhone 14 case iPhone 12 case iPhone 13 case, doesn't need metal plats
If you think the magnetic suction is not strong enough? It may be yours iPhone 14 / 13 / 12 series with case thickness blocks magnet suction. So It is recommended to stick a circular metal ring on iPhone case. In order to make the glue firm, please wait for 6 hours before using car cell phone holder for iphone
Also compatible with all iPad, iPhone 11 Pro Max XR XS Max X 8 Plus 7 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy, Google, LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola, and more 3-12 inches android devices, a stylish metal ring must be attached. 2 * iron sheets without magnetism don't affect fits wireless charging
Phone cases: The rough texture / hand-feel paint/cloth materials are not supported, Because the ring metal won't stick on rough,please kindly note, thanks
If you encounter problems when using it, please check the manual first. We have prepared solutions for all problems

LISEN corporate culture doesn't allow any customer who supports the LISEN brand to be disappointed