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1.Power on and off

(1) In the shutdown state, the LCD screen numbers are not displayed. Long press the "switch" button for 2 seconds to enter the standby state. The screen digital display "--" press the "switch" again within 5 seconds to start the host, and the host enters the default Function mode status. If you enter the standby state within 5 seconds, if the switch key is not pressed, the host will automatically return to the off state and beep.

(2) Press and hold the "switch" button for 2 seconds in the power-on state, and the host will enter the power-off state.

(3) The power-on default function mode, the heat number is at a constant temperature of 50℃, the red light screen digital display "50", the EMS current intensity output level is 01, the white light digital hanging indicator 01 automatically timed for 30 minutes,

2.Use operation"+" key pulse strength enhancement key, "-" key pulse strength weakening key

3.Timing function

(1) In the restart state, short press the "switch" button to adjust the timing time, the white screen digitally displays the timing time, and flashing prompts, each press of the "switch" button increments by 5 minutes, the timing time loops in the range of 10-30 minutes set up

4.Heating temperature adjustment

In the power-on state, short press "Temperature" to build the set temperature. The temperature is adjusted in five levels. Each press of the "Temperature" key increases by 5°C. The set temperature is set cyclically within the range of 40-5-60°C. The red screen Digital display set temperature value