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Our dual light solar wall lighting is an energy and cost effective solution to providing additional lighting outdoors. Here are some traits you might have

1. **Solar energy:**
- A solar panel is used to absorb energy from the sun and convert it into electrical energy to operate lighting.

2. **Double lighting:**
- It features a design that contains two lamps or multiple light sources, which enhances light distribution and raises the level of illumination.

3. **Motion Sensor:**
- It may have a motion sensor that can recognize movement in its surroundings and turn on lighting when needed, which contributes to saving energy.

4. **Weather resistant:**
- Weatherproof design makes it suitable for outdoor use and can withstand changing weather conditions.

5. **Easy installation:**
- It can be easily mounted on the wall without the need for electrical connections, making it a convenient choice.

6. **Energy saving:**
- It relies on solar energy, which means saving electricity costs and reducing the environmental impact.

7. **Lighting timing:**
- Some models may come with programmable timers to turn the lights on and off at specific times.

8. **Elegant design:**
- It features an elegant design that can add aesthetic value to the place where it is installed.

It is always best to read the user manual that comes with your light for details on how to install and adjust settings.

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