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**Powerology Onyx PD Power Bank 10050mAh PD 35W | Portable charger 10050 mAh 35 watts three ports Porolge**

The Powerology Onyx PD Power Bank 10050mAh is an effective solution for mobile charging. Here's a look at its features:


1. **Enhanced Capacity:** It comes with a capacity of 10050 mAh, enough to charge your smartphone several times.

2. **35W PD Fast Charging:** Supports fast charging of devices using 35W Power Delivery (PD) technology.

3. **Three Ports:** With three different ports (USB-C and USB-A), you can charge three devices simultaneously.

4. **Compatible with various devices:** Compatible with most smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices.

5. **Portable and practical:** With its small and lightweight design, it is easy to carry in a pocket or bag.

6. **HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS:** Made of sturdy materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance.

**The Powerology Onyx PD Power Bank 10050mAh is an ideal choice for extra power on the go.**

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