SKG T5 Neck Massager

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- Massage effect is good, press deeply, with 10 times of medium frequency energy, professional massage, 6 million high cycle penetration per second
- Double energy massage repair, deep massage, restore health and vitality of shoulders and neck
- The material is light and can be worn without feeling. It can open the high-frequency wave alone for continuous action.
The shoulder muscles can be repaired without stimulation. You can start massage at any time according to your personal requirements and press it at any time.
- HDI miniaturized stacking technology, customized key parts, high-density lithium battery, 6-layer high-density PCB, memory metal skeleton, 3-layer energy mobile massage head, carefully designed, extremely light weight, about two lipsticks, which can be easily worn all day.
Controlled by app, the massage time of all modes is 10 minutes by default. You can also customize the massage duration through the APP online, which is simple to operate.
- skg hanging neck shoulder and neck massager T5, mid-frequency and high-frequency dual-frequency massage, thermal movable massage head, covering the three sore areas of shoulder and neck, gentle and non-sensing hanging neck design. More modes to create a real massage experience.
Memory metal skeleton, easy to fold and store, elastic and foldable, not easy to deform, easy to put in the bag. Technology and health, a good choice for gifts.