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Enjoy the soothing touch of the SKG T1 PRO Heated Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager, specially designed for your comfort. The device features high and low massage tips that resemble human hands that care for your tired muscles, providing you with a relaxing massage that matches the touch of a massage professional. Let the balanced, relaxing massage power take your body to new levels of relaxation.

Our advanced and unique massage techniques promise to provide relief tailored to your personal needs. Thanks to 4 deep 3D massage nodes, we offer you a variety of treatments – fast or slow massage, forward or reverse thrust. We customize and adapt the treatment according to your area of ​​tension, giving you the most comfortable massage experience, and effectively eliminating those annoying muscle pains.

Enjoy the gentle warmth emanating from our neck massage pillow. It emits soothing heat between 100.4℉ - 107.6℉, ideal for relaxing tired muscles and promoting blood circulation. Rest assured, your journey to comfort is safely managed with an automatic shut-off after 15 minutes of continuous use to prevent any overuse or overheating.

We strive to make your relaxation period as flexible as possible. This versatile cordless neck and back massager can take care of different areas of your body – back, waist, neck, and legs. It's like having a personal massage therapist ready to soothe any pain from neck to feet. Type-C charging and a generous battery life of up to 90 minutes ensure a massage anywhere, whether in your office, your car seat, or the comfort of your home.

Coming in a unique shoulder bag design, the SKG Luxury Neck and Back Massager is the perfect gift for every special moment. Whether it's birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas, anniversaries, holidays, or just because you want to, this is the perfect gift for women and men alike, a practical and lasting testament that you care about them.

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