SKG W7 Back and Abdominal Massager with Heat

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Product Feature

5s rapid heating, more uniform heating, penetrates deep into the muscle bottom and improves deep microcirculation.

A large area of ​​hot compress covers the entire waist, warming the waist muscles from the inside out.

Precise temperature control, 3 levels of temperature adjustable to meet different needs.

It is very comfortable for girls to massage their abdomen with a hot compress during special periods.

Lightweight waist protection

The waistband is only about 1.3mm thick, which is equivalent to 1/5 the thickness of the iPhone 13.

The weight of the whole machine is about 130g.

Ergonomic design, the width is further reduced, and it fits the waist curve of the human body, truly "invisible" wearing!

Skin-Friendly Fabrics

Choose skin-friendly fabrics, it's comfortable no matter how you do it.

Customized high-end environmentally friendly skin-friendly fabrics, which are light and thin, highly elastic, breathable, soft, and more comfortable to fit the skin (similar to fabrics for yoga clothes and underwear).

Upgraded Mid-Frequency Massage

SKG developed a new technology for waist discomfort, using mid-frequency to penetrate deeper into the muscles.

Multiple Massage Modes

Compression mode


Rubbing mode

Exercise mode