ZOLELE M16 Self-Spinning Floor Cleaner

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ZOLELE M16 Self-Spinning Floor Cleaner

- Features:

1. The upgrade was made by designing a tank to separate dirty water from clean water. Makes use more comfortable.

2. Gently and slowly press the device to clean the mop cloth. Running water will automatically clean the dirt stuck to the mop.

3. Quickly press the mop. The mop cloth will dry until the red light on the mop head lights up.

4. Microfiber mop cloth meets your cleaning needs in all areas.

5. It can be used in wet form to absorb dust and hair.

6. It can be used in dry form to absorb water and oils.

7. 360 degree rotatable, clean every corner of the room.

8. The turbine water tank system allows water to flow automatically to clean the mop cloth, and the inner barrel comes with a brush, without polluting your hands.

9. The water tank is compact and compact, saving water.

10. Detachable inner barrel for easy cleaning, cleaning free of difficult corners, not suitable for bacteria breeding.

11. Cleaning solution can be added to the water tank to make floor cleaning better.

Product details:

1. Stretchable buckle, suitable for all lengths.

2. Equipped with a drain outlet, easy to drain and empty the dirt.