Waist bag with multiple lights and different divisions

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1. Water lycra fabric, waterproof and sweat proof, strong and durable.

2. Flexible COB can be bent and folded, lighting angle is large, headlight lighting, taillight warning, reflective strip design, so that you can travel safely.

3. Multiple pockets have a large storage capacity and can carry more items when traveling.

4. Four blue LED indicators flash in turn when charging, 25%-50%-75%-100%, which can clearly know the product power, to avoid the embarrassment of going out without power.

5. Detachable light strip is used as a fanny pack light.

6. The portable buckle can be adjusted to tighten or loosen.


Color: Gray

Material: ABS + PC + Nylon double latex

Bulb: COB (white light + red light) +6COB (white light) +4LED (red light)

Lumens: 250-300 lumens

Range: 50-100 metres

Waterproof class: IPX4

Battery: Built-in 1200mah polymer battery

Endurance: 3-5h

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Fanny pack light *1

Data line *1