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TWO CAMERA SETUP: The Hoco DV2 car driving recorder features a dual camera setup, including a 1080p front camera and a rear camera. Capture sweeping shots of the front and rear of your vehicle to enhance safety.

Built-in monitor: Stay informed and in control with the built-in monitor, allowing you to preview recordings, adjust settings, and review footage instantly. User-friendly interface ensures easy operation.

High Definition Recording: Enjoy clear recording with 1080p resolution, ensuring every detail on the road is accurately captured. A car camera provides reliable documentation of any unexpected events.

REAR CAMERA: The built-in rear view camera expands your field of view, providing additional coverage and ensuring incidents behind your vehicle are recorded. Promote public driving safety.

User-friendly operation: Using an intuitive and simple control interface, the DV2 ensures user-friendly operation. Easily navigate settings and features while keeping your focus on the road.

Compact and modest design: Mount the DV2 modestly on your vehicle's windshield for unobstructed views. Compact design reduces distraction while providing ample coverage for your safety.

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