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The "One-Touch Coffee and Tea Maker" is a practical appliance that allows you to easily and quickly prepare tea and coffee without the need for any experience. You can enjoy a cup of delicious tea or coffee within 15 minutes.

The machine features two screens to display the status of tea and coffee, allowing you to easily monitor the preparation. It also contains alarms to indicate preparation and completion status.

The design of the machine is new and streamlined, making it suitable for home, office and travel use. You can enjoy your favorite tea and coffee anytime and anywhere.

The machine also features an auto stop function, which automatically stops when coffee and tea are finished brewing. This provides you with the convenience and safety of using the machine without having to monitor it continuously.

The machine comes with the following contents: 1 liter coffee pot, 1 liter teapot, electronic base, coffee measure and tea measure, 6 coffee cups, 3 tea cups, and 4 cans containing milk, cardamom, tea and sugar. This complete set will provide you with everything you need to enjoy tea and coffee preparation with ease and comfort.

The "one-touch tea and coffee maker" is the ideal solution for quickly and easily obtaining various delicious tea and coffee drinks anytime and anywhere. This machine will allow you to enjoy the comfortable experience of preparing and savoring your favorite drinks.

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