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Enjoy a unique writing experience and an environmentally friendly environment with the WiWU 13.5 inch LCD Writing Board. Here is some information about this product:

- **Material:** Made of ABS and solid liquid crystal.

- **Size:** With a size of 13.5 inches, it comes with a unit length of 298 mm, width of 245 mm, and thickness of 6 mm.

- **Colour:** White.

- **Display Features:** It comes with an ABS display layer and a solid liquid crystal display that allows users to write and erase content easily.

- **Lightweight:** It weighs about 372g, making it easy to carry and use anywhere.

- **Low Power Consumption:** It features low power consumption, making it environmentally friendly and prolonging battery life.

- **Flexibility of use:** It can be used to write notes, drawings, and even mathematics easily and conveniently.

- **Perfect for School and Work:** A great choice for kids at school or professionals at work to keep notes and ideas.

Enjoy unlimited paper-free writing and drawing with the WiWU 13.5-inch LCD Writing Tablet.

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