A classic old-fashioned Bluetooth speaker with a scenting feature and rechargeable lights

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1.Product material: ABS plastic feel paint PC

2.Battery capacity: 1200mAh

3.Input: 5V-1A

4.Power: 5w

5. Charging time: about 2-3h

6. Battery life: about 10H

7. Bluetooth version: 5.0 EDR

8. Product size: 143 * 125 * 112 mm

9. Product bare metal weight: 456 g

10. Product package weight: 541g


1. Simulate the real tape to rotate at a constant speed, full of ritual sense;

2. Aroma diffuser, interweaving a charming atmosphere;

3. The rhythmic light beats with the rhythm of the music;

4. Warm atmosphere lights, accompany you all night;

5. Tuned by a professional tuner, the sound quality is better, the appearance is square and classic, and the appearance is high.

Package Included:

Bluetooth Speaker*1/Charging Cable*1/Instruction Manual*1/Qualification Certificate*1/Aroma Tablet*2/Audio Cable*1