PROMATE Magnetic stand to hold the phone in the car on the dashboard or windshield

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Introducing the 360⁰ Magnetic Car Mount for Smartphones, which is the perfect solution for securely and comfortably mounting your smartphone in your car. Thanks to the strong force of gravity, this car mount ensures a firm hold of your iPhone or any other phone, even on bumpy roads.

The stand-less base design works with an adjustable arm that provides infinite viewing angles, providing optimum visibility while driving.

Mount the base on any surface: You can mount it on the windshield or any other smooth surface such as the dashboard.

Secure fixation: The base can be placed on the windshield or dashboard without fear of falling off even in bumpy driving conditions.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: The base is designed to support iPhone and any other device thanks to the included metal plates that can be installed on any smartphone.

Make mounting your phone in the car safer and easier with the 360⁰ Magnetic Car Mount.