The smart trash can has a capacity of 16 liters

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Product introduction:

[3 switch modes, support non-contact switch]

Non-contact motion sensor technology improves cleanliness and hygiene. The epidemic promotes the development of technological life, and smart non-contact trash can make your life more secure.

【New upgraded smart chip】

Newly upgraded smart chip: smart switch, infrared induction 0.3s fast induction; Ultra-infrared + omnidirectional vibration sensor, 30 cm distance can be sensed

[Automatic shutdown in 3 seconds, silent throughout]

4 seconds after leaving the trash can, the trash can closes automatically without touching or pressing; It will open for a long time as long as the hand does not leave

[Add LED night light to the top version]

The trash can opens when opened and closes when closed. Smart and environmentally friendly, you can see clearly at night. Can be used as night light in bedroom/bathroom, no need to install night light, save energy

【High capacity】

Multiple sizes:

Maximum up to 18L, not littering often, saving time and helping environmental protection

Two versions:

Rechargeable version (with rechargeable battery and usb charging cable)

Battery version (battery not included; requires 4 regular AA batteries)

Soap Dispenser Features:

1. Near-field infrared induction bubble generation for 0.25 seconds, no need to press to avoid contact with germs, fully upgraded automatic bubble generation, convenient and fast

2. Charge once, use up to 10800 times, 2000mAh high-capacity lithium battery, standby time up to 3-6 months

3. Intelligent charging, convenient and environmentally friendly, no need to disassemble, reducing secondary damage to the life of the fuselage

4. Rechargeable and economical


Three modes:

1. One key is always on;

2. Shockproof cover opening;

3. Intelligent induction.

Package includes: 1 smart trash can (battery not included)