Baseus compact car trash can

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Square openings,Easy to throw garbage

Bigger openings for throwing garbage without dropping out

800ml Large Capacity,For One-week Garbage

Easily hold trash such as discarded tissues, bills, and snack packages by capacity upgrade for daily use in a car.

Pressure Ring,Prevent Trash Bags from Falling Off

The square pressure ring firmly presses the opening of garbage bags and is not afraid to fall off.

Free 90pcs Dedicated Trash Bags

Dedicated garbage bags, matching the size of the trash can, are hidden in the can, more intimate for use.

Dedicated for Cup holders,Not Occupying Extra Space

Shrink a household trash can and move it into the cup holder in a car. The size is just right.

Environmental Protection PC Material, No odor in the Car

High-quality environmentally friendly PC material is without cheap plastic odor and is not afraid of deformation and aliasing when a car is in a high temperature.

One-piece Injection Molding, Watertight

The can body is made by one-piece injection molding. Wash your hands and fruits in a car without leaking a drop of water.

The whole body can be washed, cleaning more convenient