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Wireless and waterproof earphone that uses Bone Conduction technology to play sound. Instead of being placed inside the ear, this hearing aid is placed over the bone at the back of the ear to direct sound into the ear canal through bony vibrations.

YESIDO YSP09 features Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing you to connect to smartphones and other devices wirelessly. They are also water and sweat resistant, making them ideal for use while playing sports or in wet environments.

YESIDO YSP09 sports earphone delivers HD Stereo Sound, providing rich and clear listening experience. Its sweat-resistant design ensures continued performance even during intense workouts. It also features a powerful battery that provides a long runtime, and provides comfortable and stable wearing.

In short, the YESIDO YSP09 earphone offers a unique listening experience that combines comfort, flexibility and durability, making it a good choice for sports activities and use in wet conditions.

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