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**Powerology Magsafe Wall Charger 10000mAh PD 20W | Powerology Wall Charger with Magsafe Technology, 10,000mAh Battery, and 20W PD Charging**

Powerology Magsafe Wall Charger offers a combination of Magsafe technology, large battery capacity and PD charging to meet your device charging needs quickly and efficiently. Here's a look at the features:


1. **Magsafe Technology:** Features innovative Magsafe technology that provides a quick and secure connection to Magsafe compatible devices.

2. **10000mAh Battery:** It has a large battery with a capacity of 10000mAh, providing enough power to charge smartphones and other devices.

3. **20W PD Charging:** Supports 20W Power Delivery charging to charge your devices quickly and efficiently.

4. **USB-C and USB-A ports:** It comes with two ports, USB-C and USB-A, to provide wide compatibility with most devices.

5. **Advanced Protection:** Equipped with advanced protection systems to ensure the safety of devices during the charging process.

6. **Portable Design:** With its compact design, it can be easily carried in a bag or pocket to take advantage of portable charging on the go.

**Powerology Magsafe Wall Charger 10000mAh PD 20W is a turn-key solution for users looking for a powerful portable charging device that combines Magsafe technology, battery power and PD charging.**

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