Mini portable charger for iPhone 5000 mAh 20W from VEGER

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Style: Type_C

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Get ready for ultra-fast charging and ease of use with the 5000mAh 20W Mini Power Bank for iPhone.

. This portable charger is an ideal solution for those who need to stay connected and charged throughout the day.

The mini charger can provide reliable and continuous charging for your iPhone for a full charge. Whether you are at work, traveling or just walking around town, this charger will ensure that your device stays charged and ready to use at any time.

The charger features a power of 20W, which means that it supports fast charging of your devices with great efficiency. With this higher speed, you will be able to charge your phone more quickly, saving you time and flexibility in your busy daily life.

This charger is designed with a compact size and light weight, which makes it ideal for carrying around in a pocket or bag. With its compact design, you can count on a charger any time you need to charge your phone, even when you're on the go.

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Type_C, Iphone