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This portable charcoal grill from Porodo is a perfect companion for trips and outdoor adventures. Here are some key features and specifications:

1. **Small and Portable:** Compact design makes it easy to carry and portable, making it ideal for camping and picnic trips.

2. **Easy to assemble and disassemble:** The assembly and disassembly process is quick and easy, saving time and effort.

3. **Durable Material:** Made of high-quality materials that ensure sustainability and durability during outdoor use.

4. **BBQ Space:** Provides enough space to grill meat and vegetables, making it suitable for outdoor social activities.

5. **Efficient Ventilation:** Designed with good ventilation to ensure even heat distribution and efficient grilling.

6. **Stable Feet:** Comes with a stable foot that ensures stability during use.

7. **Rust-resistant mesh:** It comes with a rust-resistant mesh that makes cleaning easier.

8. **Designed for Adventures:** Great for camping, backpacking, beach BBQs and more.

If you are looking for a portable and practical grill to enhance your outdoor experience, the Porodo grill may be the ideal choice.

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