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Printing doesn't have to require a huge printer to get the job done, especially for everyday A4 printing

Print Use Print You'll be amazed at what this conveniently sized printer can do in the palm of your hand. Print We have tested and verified the idea of ​​printing labels as one of the exciting future expansions of Print Stay tuned! We can't wait to explore the endless possibilities of Print No matter the print job, Print

Standard A4 format printing for business professionals and students to print documents or study materials. Until now, portable printers have lacked practicality, making them more of a toy than a tool. With Print Thanks to its portable extension, it becomes a valuable tool that easily handles A4 paper (and also A5 and A6) for the color printing needs of students and business professionals. Large format printing on the go begins today.

Print on any material easily and flawlessly, start creating today. When you hold this palm-sized printer and glide it over any material, words, images or logos are printed seamlessly on the surface. This powerful plain color ink printer personalizes ordinary objects, creates messages that stand out and is the perfect tool for arts and crafts. With Print X, you can carry reliable, accurate printing with you as easily as you carry a smartphone. It is the most advanced portable printer for almost any material and surface.

Fast, affordable, and useful, family-friendly label printing helps organize your life. With the label printing extension, you can keep things organized easily. We have tested and verified the idea of ​​label printing as one of the future expansions of Print The print extension model for labels works well with Print Then, you can easily create text labels to label documents in the office, label boxes, house storage, kids' names, or customize colorful labels for a personal touch. Easy to use, multi-functional, and simple to set up, Print

Designed for the future, Print X is forever extensible, providing a future-relevant SDK. Makers can expect ultimate creative freedom when inspiration strikes. Works efficiently! Makers can combine their equipment to capture their inspiration, endless ideas, and endless fun. For example, do you like to print out your favorite photos to hang on the wall? In parallel with a 3D printer, you can customize the color of each 3D printed product. This functional extendability makes the printer future-proof and provides tools and inspiration for new projects.

Whether you want to use this printer as a tool or a toy, it all depends on your choice. Print

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