Electric water heating kettle 3.4 liters from Porodo

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he device distribution water hot immediate . Complete Use this the device to save waters hot on immediately in a way easy And comfortable . Prepare this the device substitute on Methods Preheating traditional like boilers and boilers electrical .


Is characterized by by its design compact elegant, Than makes it Relevance to use in kitchens household and offices and spaces commercial the other . Complete delivery the device sourced water cold And done Heating water inside the device using System Preheating The rapid .


It contains the device on interface control easy the use Allows to the user Adjust degree heat water desirable . with a few clicks, You could get on water hot in adverb without the need to wait or Employment Advance .


Thanks to this the device, You could Benefit from water hot on immediately to prepare tea And coffee and soup and drinks hot the other . He provides this the system the speed and efficiency and rest in the use and reduces from squandering the time and energy .


Briefly, he device useful He provides water hot instant in a way easy And fast . that it candy comfy to get on water hot in any time And promise addition perfect for kitchens and offices and places commercial that need to water hot in a form repeated .

The water tank capacity is 3.4 liters.

- 10sec instant heat up feature and 4 level temperature settings from 45°C to 95°C.

It features a maximum power of 2200 watts and an anti-dust surface.

It comes at a frequency of 50 Hz.

Removable drip tray for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Instant electric kettle specification

Porodo Instant Hot Water Dispenser

- Hot water flow rate 350 ml / min.

- AC voltage 220-240 volts, frequency 50 Hz.

The water tank capacity is 3.4 liters.

- Instant heating technology for 10 seconds.

- 4 temperature control levels ranging from 45°C to 95°C.

- Supplied with a 3-pin British power cord, 1 meter long.