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Product: Deerma DR035S Portable Electric Kettle
the color is white
Capacity: 350 ml
Material: 304 stainless steel for inner sink, PP surface
Temperature range: 40°C - 90°C
Thermal parameter: switching frequency
Thermal insulation: three-layer insulation
Power: 300 watts
1. Digital display screen to display the water temperature directly.
2. Intelligent touch to adjust temperature within the range of 40°C - 90°C.
3. The inner sink is made of 304 stainless steel and the surface is covered with a layer of PP, safe to use.
4. Automatic control and auto-off function to prevent dry burning.
5. New steam pressure relief valve design automatically senses the pressure inside the kettle for safe boiling.
6. Lightweight and portable design, perfect for travel or preparing baby formula on the go.
7. Boil water within 8.5 minutes with smart steam release valve, preventing dust from falling into boiling water.
8. Three-layer thermal insulation structure to trap heat inside the kettle and prevent hand burns.
9. The lid also doubles as a cup for added convenience.
10. Airtight design to prevent water from leaking into the bag.
11. 300W low power consumption.

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