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DLC 14 in 1 Manual Vegetable Chopper is a versatile tool used to prepare vegetables effectively. Here's a description of some of the distinctive features it may include

1. **14 functions in one device:**
- Multi-functional design allows you to chop and prepare a variety of vegetables in different shapes and sizes.

2. **Multiple cutting boards:**
- Comes with multiple shaped blades such as thin and thick slices, colours, lengthwise slices, cubes, etc.

3. **Ease of use:**
- Ergonomic handle makes it easy to use and helps deliver precise cuts.

4. **High quality materials:**
- Usually made of durable materials and safe for use with food.

5. **Anti-slip base:**
- It usually has a non-slip base to increase stability during use.

6. **Easy to clean:**
- It is preferable that the blade parts be detachable for easy cleaning.

7. **Built-in storage unit:**
- Some models come with a storage unit to store the blades safely and organized.

8. **Suitable for different vegetables:**
- Versatile design makes it suitable for cutting all types of vegetables.

Please review the user manual that comes with the slicer for precise directions on how to use and care for the different functions.

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