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1. **Wireless pen and charger:**
-The pen charges wirelessly, making it always ready to use.
2. **Smooth writing:**
- Provides a smooth and accurate writing experience on pen-enabled devices.
3. **High Compatibility:**
- Compatible with most pen-enabled tablets and smartphones.
4. **Pressure sensor:**
- It has pressure sensors that make it easy to identify thin and thick lines while writing.
5. **Suitable for artists and writers:**
- It is an ideal choice for artists and writers looking for an effective writing and drawing experience.
6. **Elegant design:**
- It comes with a stylish and modern design, which makes it an aesthetic piece in addition to its practical functions.
7. **Ease of use:**
-No wires needed, just place the pen on the wireless charger to charge it.
8. **Flexibility in use:**
- Suitable for various situations from technical drawing to daily writing.
**With the Baseus Smooth Writing 2 series of wireless styluses, you can enjoy an efficient and comfortable writing experience on your tablets and smartphones.**

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